The Ghost Highway

Okay everybody let me start by saying “Hi!” There, that’s out of the way. So…Rifts. I’ll be the first person to admit that I’m more than a little new to the system, but I wouldn’t worry too much about that as I will now outline some of my previous RP experience with my role in ().

Star Wars (Player)

Zero Time (Player)

AD&D (Player/GM)

Shadow Wars: First Light (GM)

Vampire (Player)

So I have some experience playing RP’s, and I have some GMing. That, my friends, should make your souls rest easy.

Put simply, I tell stories. I write science fiction and fantasy when I can afford the time and when my mallet wielding muse isn’t off whoring herself at the nearest Pixie bar. What does that imply to you, my playthings...friends? It means that you can look forward to a visual experience, a mental challenge, and poorly drawn maps. I hope you’re packing your fighting hand and some super charged dice because my god die has been getting a little antsy while just being a player.

Know this. Above all else I am fair. If you are in a situation that seems unbalanced it is because I expect you to suffer I have a plan. You have free will, you may do as you wish. But I also expect you to play in character, you have an alignment for a reason, a backstory for a reason, and any challenge I impose on your weak mortal flesh for a reason.

So, with that worked out and you having accepted my invitation and my call- to the campaign Main Page.

The Ghost Highway

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