The Ghost Highway

Mission Report: 1a.


Masters. Though I do not presume to know your thoughts, or your plans, I must admit a degree of concern with these candidates. It took only a few months for 13 and I to locate all of them, some were far more obvious than others.

To be home again… so small. But, as per your instruction, I have focused my efforts on locating the Techno-Wizard. His flamboyant nature is hardly a cover, he has significant skill beyond that of others in his profession. He has already begun to master the forces permitted by the lay lines, for one so young it can be impressive. A new lay line has developed, I suspect that the fall of Tolkeen had something to do with it, so much death and release of magic… The lay line has awoken and animated an army of ancient construction robots who have constructed a road that follows the lay line, the Techno-Wizard follows the road now.

13 is working on the others, and as the Vale will not permit him that is where I must go. I trust 13 more and more, he is trying to shepherd as best as possible the candidates with minimal harm. His power is frightening, even my enhancements can not compete with the raw firepower he can bring to the fight. It is something of a shame, though, 13 is normally so peaceful.

This ends my initial report my masters.


Hmm…scary. I can only assume that Jazz is the one they’re talking about, and yet…well, we’ll see. I need to get Dan and Tony signed up on here.

Mission Report: 1a.

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