The Ghost Highway

Mission Report: 1b

Masters. It has come to my attention that the paths currently set by the actions of those we seek will not require 12 or I to intervene. Irony, it seems more noticeable of late. Part of me wants to just collect them and then leave, but I know why things must be done this way. Blight’s Village is the perfect place for the first of many tests, it is a target of so many whom wish it captured, destroyed, or terrorized. I have surveyed the “village” covertly, or as covertly as is possible in my new body. Thanks again, by the way. I know, I know. “Loyalty is more precious than blind obedience.” I haven’t told 12 yet, I think she’ll figure it out sooner or later being able to do all those crazy things just with the power of her mind.

Ah! I almost forgot. One of the targets died unexpectedly, he ran right into a patrol of Glitter Boys…they’re more like 1 man, close fitting robots rather than the power armor they resemble. Our target thought that his magic would allow him to defeat three well trained Glitter Boys high on Crash. Needless to say they left him broken and bleeding, but didn’t put him out of his misery. I did. They then decided to attack me. Before our association I would never have gotten involved, much less tried to fight. I’ve never been so calm. Regardless I shall endeavor to bring another charge to replace the one killed. Rifts Earth is such a violent place, we have to move quickly or they all may die.

A bright flash of purple light races towards the heavens and disappears. The large metal form of a full conversion cyborg walks away from where he delivered his message, and away from the corpses of three Glitter Boys and their pilots.


Hope that wasn’t me! Heheh, it wasn’t, right…?

Mission Report: 1b

No Drew, it was the candidate before you…

Mission Report: 1b

...Yikes…looks like Jazz is about to wrap himself up in something much, much bigger than he could have thought of…especially since they’re calling our locality “Rifts Earth.” That means they’re not from here, folks, since we would just call it “Earth.”

I shall henceforth refer to the mysterious “Them” as “The Out-Of-Towners”

Mission Report: 1b

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