• Amon Jiggles

    Amon Jiggles

    Wearing mixmatched MDC armor Amon Jiggles looks very much like he should be manning the pizza parlor, rather than the guard gate. He is a fat, mewling young man who(unfortunantely) posses the rank of Major in the town Militia.
  • Bertha Mellow

    Bertha Mellow

    Chunky, gregarious, and less than bright, Bertha is nontheless Mayor Marsh's assistant.
  • Big Mike

    Big Mike

    Used as a deterrent to prevent violence in the Half-Moon bar, Big Mike is a quite mutant with unknown abilities. Few wish to test him as he is known for his lightning quick reflexes.
  • Brit Owen

    Brit Owen

    Manager of the convenience store, Brit Owen is a happy individual living in a low stress environment where she watches the relationship between her son and her other worker bloom with rapt curiosity.
  • Dirk Tate

    Dirk Tate

    Manager of the large high-rise style dorm complex that spearheads Blights Village’s skyline. His wife Jenny is in charge of housekeeping. His is one of three buildings made of Mega-Damage materials and is capable of protecting many townspeople.
  • Doctor Gregory Vesh

    Doctor Gregory Vesh

    Less concerned with the mental state of his patients Doctor Gregory Vesh cares mostly about getting patients in, and out, as quicly as possible. He has a habit of charging patients based on his mood.
  • Edward Jensen III

    Edward Jensen III

    Tall, pround, and a fine military commander Edward Jensen III is an ex-CS officer who has taken up the mantel of Sherriff and commands a great deal of respect from the Milita he commands and the townspeople he protects.
  • Emily Bridges

    Emily Bridges

    Just who is Emily Bridges?
  • Frank Marsh

    Frank Marsh

    Owner and Chief Mechanic of Frank's Machine Works, Frank has a great sense of humor, with orders echoing in the shop like barks from a mastiff his booming voice is often heard laughing with his daughter and other workers. He is the oldest Marsh brother.
  • Jenny Tate

    Jenny Tate

    Head housekeeper of the dorm high-rise. Jenny Tate is somewhat gruff, but is fair and neat. Wife of Dirk Tate.
  • Jimmy Marsh

    Jimmy Marsh

    Owner and Bartender of the Half Moon Bar. Middle of the Marsh brother trio Jimmy loves his job as bartender. In the capacity of owner Jimmy organizes many public events to bolster community spirits.
  • Jordan Brosh

    Jordan Brosh

    Teenage son of Jupis Brosh. Works for his father who owns the town's weapon store mostly to make money for his jeb-bike project that he partners with Laura Marsh to build and test.
  • Jorden Owen

    Jorden Owen

    Owner of the convenience store, Jorden Owen is a respectable business owner who employs his family to help him run store. He does like to gamble at the Half-Moon against his wife's wishes.
  • Jupis Brosh

    Jupis Brosh

    "Nope...Don't have that. I can get it for you in two weeks or you can look over here at this fine model..."
  • Karl Owen

    Karl Owen

    Son of Jorden Owen, Karl works for his father for the sole purpose of being near fellow worker Megan Bell. He has won a scholarship with the Mage Academy in Vale and will leave in the fall.
  • Kat Brosh

    Kat Brosh

    Wife of Jupis Brosh, Kat tends to abuse alchohol when she drinks, which she does less and less after having several lunches with a certain person in town.
  • Laura Marsh

    Laura Marsh

    Daughter of Frank Marsh. Laura Marsh may well be a better mechanic that even her father as she seems to have an afinity with machines. She was just a child when she watched as the Techno-Mages from Vale put up the power fence that surround her town.
  • Lena Harland

    Lena Harland

    Lena Harland is the barback/sever at the Half-Moon bar. She has little tolerance for rude behavior and has a not so subtle command over Big Mike to the degree that few disrespect her.
  • Mayor Harland Marsh

    Mayor Harland Marsh

    Youngest of the Marsh brothers Harland Marsh is the mayor of Blights Village. Being the youngest, he keeps Bertha around not for her abilities, rather, so he'll have someone to boss around. The townspeople like him well enough but readily defer military
  • Megan Bell

    Megan Bell

    Megan Bell is a worker at the general store where she flirts with Karl Owen without mercy. She is a minor psychic with limited control over her abilities. (Probably a late blooming psychic of unknown OCC)
  • Nurse Elizabeth Vesh

    Nurse Elizabeth Vesh

    Nurse Elizabeth Vesh is the daughter of Gregory Vesh, the head doctor of Blights Village. She is kind, soft-spoken, and extremely efficient.
  • Zeeb


    Bits of brain and M.O.M. devices lay strewn about the twitching corpse of the thin, well defined form of the now dead Zeeb.