Sgt. Darius Hannan

A former Coalition Forces soldier with a murky past


Wilderness Scout/CS Technical Officer


Darius Hannan was born in the Michigan territory. He joined the Coalition’s armed forces at age 18. Due to his illiteracy and lack of formal training, he was not considered for the Officer Corps. Nevertheless, with his superlative combat skills, experience, and knack for survival, he quickly attained the rank of Sergeant.

A few months after this promotion, Sgt. Darius witnessed an atrocity which he has never related to another living soul. It was at this point that he abandoned his former life and began the life of something like a vagabond. Trying to survive in a dangerous world, he hopes to make a difference. He is most at home in the wilderness, but can survive well enough in an urban environment. After a decade of adventuring, Darius took up residence at Blight’s Village as a ranking member of the city militia…

Or so he remembers. After a run-in with a Japanese crimelord (and his EMP), Darius took an injury to the head after falling into the ocean. Awaking from his fall inside of an underwater cavern, strange memories flooded into his head. The power armor he had been wearing, before a foreign piece of machinery to him, all of a sudden became familiar. He had been compotent before with machinery, but now new mechanical knowledge suddenly leapt into his brain. Memories of being a robot pilot crept in. The image of a hostile mind-melter swam into view, then…

His former life now a puzzle, he hopes to find some sort of meaning. But in the meantime, a new set of mechanical skills has been added to his already versatile set of wilderness survival skills.

Sgt. Darius Hannan

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