Blights Village

Blight's Village is a large farming community of roughly 1100 people situated between Vale and Silver City along the Ghost Highway. Surrounded by vast tracts of farmland Blight's Village is a budding center of horticulture and small industry in the post Tolkeen War era. Supplying the Coalition States, many Federation of Magic kingdoms, as well as Vale and Silver City with food, Blight's Village enjoys some comforts unknown to some similar establishments. While being connected to the Ghost Highway has some benefits it also has some disadvantages. When the highway appeared and raids from passing road gangs grew in frequency the leading members of Blight's Village approached the CS for some support and defense. Busy with Tolkeen and other projects the CS denied their request as well as asking the town leaders to drop their food prices. Fearing the monsters in charge of many Federation fiefdoms the town leaders turned to Vale and found their savior. Baron Gooly Feist, Lord of Vale and master of magic agreed to assist in defending Blight's Village in exchange for goods and services. Built by master Techno-Wizards the defense screen that surrounds Blight's Village is a massive structure whose complexity is equal to it's defense potential. With an average height of 24 feet the defense screen is a PPE powered energy shield, Blights Village Power Fence with and unknown MDC value. Featuring the following landmarks, Blights Village offers a degree of safety in a strange world:

Docs Shack


Weapons n Kit

Militia Dorms

General Store

Mayor’s House

Frank’s Machine Works

Blights Village

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