Character Rules and Restrictions

First, NO DRAGONS. For one, I don’t want to have to deal with moral and scruple-less creatures. Two, I don’t want to have to throw a thousand GlitterBoys at you every combat section in order to keep things interesting.

Second, NO NINJA’S or SUPERSPIES. Sorry folks, I’m kinda new at this system and I don’t want to worry about too many balance issues, like ninjas exploding peoples’ organs.

Third, OCCs and RCCs limited to Rifts Earth i.e. no Phase World. Expanded rule books for Rifts Earth are okay except for Techno-Wizards as I have a player for TW already. Pursuant to my glancing over rules governing said OCCs and RCCs.

Special Rule: I don’t like weak characters. Period. That’s not to say that I will accept characters with no weaknesses and all stat’s over 30(You would have to cheat. I know the odds.). Instead my special rule is that any stat less than 10 will be required to roll 1D6 and add to score until score is over ten. Obviously 15 is going to be the max allowed using that method (9+6= 15). The exception to this rule is if your OCC or RCC demands a certain stat to be less than a given number, then you’ll just have to tough your gimp ass out.

Character Rules and Restrictions

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