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Heroes, Don Thy Armor

Several years after the fall of Tolkeen to Coalition forces a lay line slowly faded into existence cutting through Coalition and Federation of Magic territory. The lay line follows a path from Canada south-southwest to Louisiana and is one of the larger lay lines present. As the lay line faded into existence a road, a perfect four lane highway also began to appear in segments where the lay line was strongest. Giant robots glowing blue with magic energy build and maintain the now 1700 mile road in immaculate condition. Rifts Earth is a dangerous place, battles and wars are almost always being fought be it between towns, cities, or Alien Intelligences, oh, and humans of all kind. Along this new road, often referred to as Highway-T or “High-T,” dozens of skirmishes destroy large sections of the road and lay waste to dozens of robots with the survivors treated to a most amazing sight. The robots reassemble and repair the road unaware of the presence of others. The giant machines do not attack, do not defend, simply standing by until needed as immortal beings with singular purpose. Dozens of towns and cities have rapidly established themselves along this new road. Acting as a beacon of civilization and a border between Coalition and the Federation of Magic “High-T” is rapidly becoming a major artery of goods. Despite the growth of civilization along the highway the road is more dangerous than many would suspect and casual travelers are at risk of Coalition patrols for Magic users, Road Raiders, and other forces looking for easy kills. The center of freedom and magic is Vale, safe from most Coalition forces as it is firmly in Federation of Magic territory. 100 miles to the south and slightly closer to Coalition territory is Silver City, an advanced city whose population is predominantly cyborg. Between the two is Blights Village, surrounded by acres of farms. It is here the adventure begins, for some it will be a gateway to an existence impossible to comprehend, for others it will be the start of a quest of grandiose proportions, for some death follows and haunts them as they are dragged down the rabbit hole of despair and glory. See Character Rules and Restrictionsfor special rules and restrictions.


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