Road Raiders

Public nuances, murderers, scavengers, and bastards all. When the new highway sprang into reality, powered by magic fueled robots, marauders that normally patrolled vast sections of forest wasteland found lucrative and easy prey as commerce began to flow along this immortal road. Claiming long stretches, various road gangs now fight themselves over territory, fight magicians and Coalition forces, and passersby.

Most feared along the highway is the Road Raider gang. Brutal, savage, and flamboyant the Road Raider gang is like a cross between Mad Max raiders and martial artists in the style of 80’s hair band (I did tell you they were strange). The average Road Raider is very much a merc, though they have more repair skills and hand to hand experience than average.

Perhaps the worst part about the Road Raiders is their leader. No one is sure if Zeeb is a Juicer, or a Crazy, but all are quite sure that he is out of his damn mind. Zeeb kills people for fun, his men, other men, women or children, Dead Boys, Psychics, Techno-Mages, really anyone he can get his large, insanely powerful hands on.

The Road Raiders appear to have been a cover operation by an organization with dark intent as those kidnapped by the Road Raiders are drained of nearly all forms of energy (PPE and ISP) as well as aparently having their essences (soul, spirit, life force) removed and used to create Power Pyramids of Power.

Road Raiders

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