Power Pyramids of Power

The Power Pyramids of Power are a construct created by an unknown force with several entities at the forefront of their development.

Using the Road Raiders as cover for the operation, human beings are drained of nearly all life energies (PPE, ISP, and life essence) and left to rot away. This life energy is then converted though an unknown procedure into a (glowing pink liquid) with bizarre chemical properties and extremely high PPE value.

This pink liquid is then mixed with Gorgon blood (Bluish-Green glowing liquid) and distilled (Armored Bear blood) at various pressures and temperatures with small crystals being deposited at the end of the process. These crystals are then stamped together to form four inch by four inch panes of solid, physical PPE which are then delivered to the forming and construction room.

The panes of solid PPE are then formed into complex geometric shapes and assembled into small pyramids around twelve inches by twelve inches at the base and in height. The small pyramids are then connected to form one giant pyramid, a Power Pyramid of Power, with a PPE value in the hundreds of thousands to millions. It is known by the individuals captured by the Road Raiders (those that escaped an ran amok anyway) that several of these Power Pyramids of Power have been constructed. How many is anybodies guess and the number of pyramids created, should that number be discovered, could allow for further speculation as to the purpose behind this evil act.

Power Pyramids of Power

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